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Raised Access Floor Installation Video

Raised Floor is widely used in computer center,communication center,data centers,electronics and optical equipment.It can be sen in hospital operation room and electronicimaging examination rooms and other inflammable places.

How To Install Access Floor In Data Center? | Raised Floor Installation - AccessFloorStore.Com

How To Install Access Floor In Data Center? In this video, HuiYa ( show you the whole process of our Data Center Raised Floor Installation, which is also adequate for computer room access floor and other raised floor for Engine-rooms, Control room and more.
Changzhou Huiya Decoration Materials Co., Ltd as one of the China Top Raised Access Flooring Supplier, not only can provides worldwide customers good-quality but cheap Computer Room Raised Floor and Data Center Raised Floor Panels, but also can offer the access floor accessories and excellent one-stop service covering design suggestion, production plan, shipment, installation, maintenance! Check out more details of our Access Floor Systems for Data Center (Computer Room, Control Room etc.) on

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dansclassics : Great video; I’m wondering how long this install took; building the room itself; getting all the components ready like the raised floor, and cables; installing them; and then the cabinets and computer equipment; and the having it all up and running; also how many people evolved.
sharhan alhassan : They've probably should or rented that space and migrated to cloud
wardakson : Why should they do that?
Joan Nin : ​ @wardakson  because maybe he works in some cloud provider and wanna make the rent.

Huiya Office Raised Access Floor Systems | AccessFloorStore.Com

Huiya Office Raised Floor is a very versatile system, allowing flexible positioning of workstations and building services. Huiya works closely with architects and those whose focus is on highly productive office environments that produce a return on investment for building owners and their tenants, in order to offer the best long-lasting office raised flooring system.
Our main access floor products for office are covering:
✔Encapsulated Calcium Sulphate (Galvanised Steel) Raised Floor
✔OA Steel Cement Bare Raised Floor
✔GRC Cement Raised Floor
✔Ceramic Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor
In addition, our offices raised floor come with various surface finishes to meet customer’s special requirements, such as vinyl flooring, office carpet, anti-static PVC tile, HPL tile, etc. Our Office Raised Access Floor System provides excellent performance of underflow airflow condition and cable management, easy access for repair and maintenance, allows future movement of services.
Professional Office Raised Floor (OEM) Production, Affordable Prices, Timely Shipment, and Worry-free after-sales services! If you are looking for a reliable supplier for your Office Raised Floor Project, Contact Us Now!
Huiya Office Raised Flooring Application:
- Owner-occupied office buildings
- Speculative multi-tenant office buildings
- Financial and insurance buildings
- Call centre buildings
- Educational facility buildings
- Municipal and Council buildings
- Retail buildings
- Hotels and Leisure facilities
- Luxury homes
- Residential high-rise
⭐ China Top-grade Access Floor System Contractor \u0026 Manufactuerer - HuiYa Decoration Materials Co., Ltd ⭐
☎️TEL: +86 180 1828 0738
FAX: +86 519-8381 1288
Company Address: No.45 Weifu Road, Cuiqiao Weixing Village, Henglin Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.
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