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Dodge Challenger ABS module C2200 replacement and fix ESP, BAS, ABS lights

In this video I will show you how to replace the ABS module if you get the ABS code C2200 in your 2010 Dodge Challenger 3.5 V6. Code C2200 means ABS module internal failure and will illuminate the ESP, ABS, BAS and Brake lights. I will then show you how to use the Autel Maxicheck diagnostic scan tool to reinitialize your new ABS module so it will work with your car after replacement.
Kareem Goodwin : I had my replaced in july.i think it was rebuilt..I'm not sure.. but today my brake lights and abs came on..took it to autozone and they printing out a reading saying I need abs module..what! I just got it fixed a few months ago. Guy only gave me a 30day warranty..What's the change of it going out again in 3 months or do you think he installed it wrong?
roberto carlos Arechiga : I will be happy if you live in dallas. I had a problem with my ABC module the light of the ABC, BREAK, TRACCIÓN AND THR ESP AS are on I changed the module but the light are still on they say to me that and need to restart the computer but I don't no we're to take it I have a. Pacifica 4.0 2007
Ari Salvador : Great video, I replaced my abs module but didn’t do any of these steps and now I’m stuck from the beginning lights are on car won’t start it would but on and off. You think I can do these steps you just showed ??
BJ8 : Did this fix the problem? I have aps,ebs,brake and traction control light on is this the same problem you had this car? thanks for any help have great day
Thinking outside the box : Do you have model number I need to do the same thing on my 13 ram 1500 change my abs module with used one and now says mismatch vin. U think this will help
ChevyBoyFloyd : Where did you purchase your replacement module from??? I bought one from a junkyard and they said it would work
VD2021 : Thanks. This is exactly what I need for my Chrysler Aspen ABS. I assumed I would need to purchase an $800 + Scan tool to to this.
Jacobo Lopez : Thank you very much gentlemans, searching for an affordable scan to do exactly that. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again.
Mya ask you the model of the maxicheck Sr?

Nordic Trak C2200

This video is about Nordic Trak C2200
Murray Eaton : Why so loud?
bob Sabado : My treadmill is just like that but it's not working already
Sea Bass : Sounds like a 305 straight pipes
Courtney Shepherd : I love this treadmill.>>>t.co/d0k5jZ8Sm4 It's extremely sturdy and really good quality. I've had this one for a couple of years and it still works beautifully. Assembly was pretty easy, but make sure you have someone to help because the parts are quite heavy.
Rich Gallagher : I'm about to pick this model up from my mother-in-law and I wanted to learn more about it. Thanks for making this great video.

ABS Module Internal Failure C2200 code fixed! ...itself?

2008 Chrysler Town and Country C2200 code (ABS module internal failure). Rather than replacing the ABS module, just try leaving the car running for like 11 minutes.... -fixed it for me!
Javier Carrillo : so far is working on may caravan same year..muchas gracias amigo!
Troy Kroell : King material
∵¤◈§ãΐŋ†♣∀₦₲ξℜ◈¤∴ : Hook it up to a reader (obd2 & abs scanner) and fix it or just pull the fuse lol
admin admin : I have Dodge Charger 2008 3.5L
had smiler problem got crazy didn’t how to fix it cleaned all four speed sensors without any use. Flowed up your video it saved my life
1- start up car for about 15 minutes
2- took drive for one hour and that’s it no more sine of error or any error like ABS ESP what ever
Appreciate thanks for your video..
admin admin : Well said
jrfjosh : My 2008 T&C did the same thing! I don’t know if I fixed it the same way or not. Just went away one day. Fixed itself.
No Spring Chicken : After $1000 new breaks and 2 sensors and being passed off to 3 shops and lights still coming on, I did this after another steering wheel reset. I tried the steering wheel reset on its own several times. This worked though. I am thinking I did not need the breaks yet but my charger is 11 years old with 50,000 miles.
H F : Thanks for this video!!! How is it going so far to this date please?
I have same problem in a 2009, i will be back home January 2020 and will try this: leave it running in parking for 15 minutes before go.
In Mexico City I need this lamps off to pass the semestral inspection!!! And I am not too excited about trying changing the abs module.
Please let me know if it came back.
Uigaese Francis Leilua : This actually worked on my grand Voyager.lol thank you.
Steven Parson : Totally worked on my 08 t&c thanks man for the advice!




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