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TDK SB40s Sports Headphones Review

TDK SB40s Sports Headphones Review
I review an excellent pair of headphones suitable for even the most vigorous types of exercise!
A total bargain for under £7!

I got mine for a great price on Amazon:


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The Gamesman : Black and white wires! nice to see that TDK catered for people with color blindness!! :D Nice Headphones at a GREAT price! Cool Review Andrew!!
Barry Allen : the link is now £24.99, I'm always late when it comes to a bargain.
Алексей Хлыстов : Thank you
idlingdove : Just bought a pair of TDK SB40 headphones in Australia, but they are obviously very different, I think an earlier model. No volume control, no mic, no clip etc. etc. They have an unusual feature in that they come with 3 sets of earplugs, supposedly for standard, surround and base. A pure gimmick, I couldn't really tell any difference. PROS: very comfortable, won't come out. CONS: I can really only hear midrange, not much high or bass range. On the other hand, they cost AUD 7.88, which is about 4.6 British pounds, so I can't really complain...
backofficeshow : +The Gamesman Its great, because at night with a head torch on often its impossible to read the little L and R :)

HOW TO TEACH MINIMAL PAIRS AT HOME: T, D, K Speech Therapy for Voicing, Devoicing, Fronting, Backing

Kelli Meyer Licensed and Certified Speech Language Pathologist (M.Ed., CCC-SLP)

Hi parents, therapists and early interventionists!

Here is a video of my favorite SIMPLE way to target Minimal Pairs (/T/ for /D/ and /D/ for /T/ and /T/ for /K/ and /K/ for /T/ Substitution sounds!)

Did you already download the FREE Speedy Speech Minimal Pairs worksheets at!

Why minimal pairs?!
Minimal pairs HELP children auditorily discriminate between sounds! (i.e. increasing their ability to recognize speech sound errors, which will encourage them to practice sounds!) By using these VISUAL images of the minimal pairs in conjunction with a PREFERRED game/reinforcer or activity... you will see your child's ability to understand speech sounds when they are linked to common objects and used in words!

Step 1:
Make sure your child understands the difference between the words by asking them to "TOUCH Key" and then "Touch Tea" to model distinguishing sounds!
Step 2: Then, ask the child to tell you and give you the picture of the "Tea" and "Key" and see if they hand you the correct one and model the correct sound in the word!

If not! No worries! Be silly! Tell them they said TEA! not KEY! silly goose! and then encourage them to try again! This techniques offers gentle corrections by drawing attention to the speech patters (phonological processes) that the child is using that ultimately cause them to say the wrong word!

Step 3: Practice! Practice! Practice! This is not a "one and done" therapy pattern! Often times kiddos have formed HABITS of these phonological processes and we all know that habits are HARD to break! Don't give up!

Additional Tips: REWARD your child for TRYING and OVERREWARD your child for correct productions to AMP UP their motivation for trying the sound - which will then encourage them and help them be successful with more attempts/trials/targets!
****Need the speech sound hand cues?! Download them FOR FREE on teachers pay teachers at SpeedySLP or on the website at!

Find us on Instagram @ speedyspeech or on FB at Speedy Speech Path!
Does your child need help correctly producing the /T/ or /D/ Sound?!
Click here! ----

Does your child need help correctly producing the /G/ and /K/ Sound?!
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What activity did you target these minimal pairs with?!
Play dough?! Magnets?! a Tunnel?!

Need more ideas of how to target speech sounds?! Check out my playlists!

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS):

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Need more help on different sounds?!




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Caitlin : Just wanted to say that one of my twins (just turned 2) said "eeeeee-t" for eat! He said it! A word!! He combined the sounds!! AHHH. Your work is helping us SO much. Thank you!
Dee Dee : at what age are you presenting these? your awesome!
The Speech Scoop : Looooove heart that!!! So happy! Soon they’ll be saying “Eeeaat, meeaat, seat, beat, Pete!” Love it! The sky’s the limit from here! Keep up the awesome job! ❤️☺️
The Speech Scoop : You could do this as early as age 1.5 years but I would making it more vocabulary based for receptive / expressive language skills BC typically we don’t recommend targeting speech sounds until age 3.

I am working on a speech sound development chart to share! Usually all of these sounds (T, D, K, G) are fully developed between age 3 - 4 years
Dee Dee :  @The Speech Scoop  ok, perfect!! I am off to see the freebies on your site, among other things I may want! Looking forward to all the charts!! TY!!

파이코인 / BBC 뉴스에 파이네트워크 소식이? / 파이코인 현금 거래 / 파이마켓 단톡방 개설 / 유럽 GDPR 개인정보 보호규정

모더(Blood)님의 파이 마켓 단톡방

대동여 파이도

0:00 인트로
2:12 유럽연합의 데이터 보호 규정 심사 GDPR
3:13 BBC NEWS HAUSA 파이네트워크 언급
4:13 파이코인 거래 주의 / 모더님의 파이마켓 단톡방

파이코인가입 하는곳(스마트폰)

파이코인 가입방법 / 채굴방법 (추천코드juflix)

파이코인 / 가입후 해야할일

주플릭스 후원
박정섭 : 좋은정보 감사합니다~^^
몽고리 : 주플릭스 파이팅 입니다~
김학근 : 꼭좀알려주셔요~
김학근 : 안녕하세요 유트브을너무잘~
보고있습니다 감사합니다~^^
제가 태스트지갑 번호을받아는대요
가상으로 파이을 주고받다가 제실수로 비민번호가 날아가습니다(없어졌어요
해서 다시 비밀번호을
최근 번호을 했스니 잠시만기다리라고만 나오네요
다시번호을 받으려면 몇'칠이걸리나요 해서여쭤보는겁니다요
지갑형성이안돼면 큰일아닌가해서요
진피약편 : 오늘도 믿음가는 영상 감사합니다~~




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