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How to draw A-grade storyboards (even if you can't draw!) | Media studies tutorial

In this video I share how to storyboard for coursework in media or film studies. I offer two ways of doing this depending on your artistic skill - both examples follow the same rules.

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How to storyboard without a template | Storyboarding tutorial tips

Lancelot Link : One small tip- make sure you're starting with panels that match the aspect ratio of your project.
Scott Garland : Favorite thing about this video: STRAIGHT TO THE POINT.
Thank you so much for going into detail and explaining proper techniques and methods on how to storyboard. Excellent job conveying what to do, how to do, and multiple ways of doing things.
EtherealRonin : Here’s content you can add to your storyboard:

•Timings- important some people argue on screen timings a lot on movies for e.g. screen timings on the villain like joker in Suicide squad
•Camera shots (close up, mid, long)
•Camera angles( over the shoulder, low angle, aerial)
•Camera movement(pan, tilt, zoom or use a track and dolly
•Lighting (type and direction)
•Sound (dialogue, sound effects, ambient, sound, music)
•Location (indoor studio, or other room, outdoor)

I wouldn’t recommend speech bubbles etc. No point if you’re the designer or in a test. It’s up to the developer or director of a movie to decide what the characters will say

You would be presenting something that can be visualised

If you’re doing a test, this is in a mark scheme as a y11 student myself I have a mark scheme of a test paper

Check for practice on OCR
Wiandry Adi Wasistio : first time i learnt storyboarding, my mentor told me it's like making doodle comic. whatever you draw, it should be able to portray what you want to show without putting lots of detail. i realized i did this quite often, and what i know is 'shapes matter.' it's quite hard first, but eventually i got it. simple shapes, but it can convey the story. 

also, with such style, no need to worry if your storyboard is revised; people draw shapes and line all over the place. imagine if you made details there...
Megan Hamm : This video has been so helpful! My videography class taught us nothing about storyboards, but all of a sudden we needed to make one for a 1.5 minute long video all together worth 30% of our final grade. The whole class had no idea how to make a proper storyboard so this video has helped us all lol.

How to Storyboard / storyboarding for everybody! tutorial storyboard template

Category: Preproduction - storyboarding
Level: Beginners
Learn how to take a brief or request from a client and turn it into a storyboard in minutes. Harness your inner shreditor!
My Stop Motion Tutorial:
Download FREE Storyboard templates from StudioBinder:

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kevprange : Love this. I resisted storyboards for a long time because I am awful at drawing and doing it digitally just took too much time. But I finally did one by printing blank slides from PowerPoint (multiple slides per page and with area for notes - much like the storyboard templates printed here.) I found that the storyboard process really cut down on the amount of revisions from the client. They could buy into the visuals before I started working and they were not surprised by the first draft. This has been especially important when developing a full animated explainer video. Then when it comes time to animate - I'm just following the storyboard.
Evli ve Oyuncu : It would be great if you can share the final product. So we can compare
gdreemer : Very useful video. It's a very clear walk through of the process and totally agree about the platform being the message.
Kathleen Kulman : This was just what I was looking for! Thanks for your clear explanation.
I subscribed - looking forward to more of your content!
Gigi Drawz : Thanks for this video! I'm just getting into storyboarding and this was a super helpful breakdown of the process.

Erklärfilm: Storyboard (Grundlage für einen Film)

►Zum Artikel:
Falls ihr dachtet, dass ein Drehbuch alles ist, was ein Film im voraus zu bieten hat, dann zeigen wir euch in diesem Erklärfilm was ein Storyboard ist, was man damit macht und wie man es verwendet.

►Falls ihr eine Storyboardvorlage benötigt:
Nachhilfe für Dich : sehr gut erklärt, danke
Stefan Schuch : Sehr gut gemachtes Erklärvideo! Danke!
Gottfried el M4X : Sehr gut.
Das Video haben wir um Unterricht geguckt.
Also auch sehr informativ

(ich wollte fragen, wie heißt die Musik im Hintergrund?)
Razor-BS : Gutes video


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