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Canopus - The Most Important Star In Space Navigation

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Hello and welcome to What Da Math!
In this video, we will talk about Canopus star and its importance in navigation.

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The video introduction made by Daniel Bates
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The new music theme made by Bogdan Bratis
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Misheck Wams : Great video.
Tom Whatmore : Me and my mate have been here several times
Itzarzky : The Second Brightest Star (not including sun)
Ali Comando : Hi from north iraq

I only see canopus for a few minutes on the south horizon elevation angle 1 degree above horizon
On late october

It is cool feeling
Z E R O : I come from there, I'm stranded here. Help.
Arcmall Daniel : i legit searched for this video after found it in the sky even though the weather are a bit cloudy
Martin Tomík : Well i live in slovakia and i can't see canopus unfortunately it's not far below horizon at it's highest point
Julian Nisbett : Thanks!! I think I saw it this morning also got a few pictures.
joey jojoshabado : The Canopus tracker failed on Pioneer 10 as well
João Vitor Varela : B: the beginning.

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Timon Martinez : i have a not well paid job, my wife still in university and we have a kid.. i just sold my kit a week ago to pay the bill to fix my car but one day it’s gonna be my turn and i will own one of those beauties!
Teddy at Swaying Hill Studios : I bought “the maple” used for under $300 a few years ago, and its the most versatile wood drum Ive owned.
jmagnum15 : Can o’ piss
Ken Fridley : I have owned Yamaha RC, Yamaha Beech AC and Tama SC Bubingas kits. The Canopus RFM are absolutely amazing! They sing!! Maybe time to seriously think about a change! Anyone know a good divorce lawyer???
Ortho Drummer : Wished you could have profiled the high birch series, they are different than the Yaiba birch series.
Anyway good vid , thanks guys
Chris Jackson Music : How would you compare to the Canopus to Sonor SQ2? I love the SQ2 (mainly because of Gavin Harrison) but that RFM Maple rock kit sounded fantastic, I'm very impressed.
Randy Porter : Holy @#$& ! Even on room mics, that first kit was incredible !
Stephen Zieminski : Would be great to know a little more about their bearing edges
dunnenrb : I wish they made the Yaiba with a 20" BD :(
chocolat4hogs : This heads up from Youtube didn't get me, and it's just now 3 weeks later in my suggested list. Thanks for this.

LoreWarrior Online - The Magistracy of Canopus

The Magistracy of Canopus, known for it's endless list of pleasure activities available to all across the inner sphere and the periphery, be it sex, drugs, hunting, gambling and many more pursuits the Magistracy makes it's money from the pleasure of others.

However this periphery state has long held a precarious position. Bordering the superpowers of Marik and Liao the state remains constantly aware of it's potential to be absorbed by it's neighbours and despite it's wealth from tourism, the state relies heavily on hiring mercenaries to ensure it's safety. The matriarchal Centrella family are known however for their skillful use of diplomacy and manipulation to stay afloat in the dangerous sea of politics of the Inner Sphere.
TheChecklo : Snakes and harlots, Canopus showed it's true colors when they turned their backs on the Duchy of Andurien.
Kyle Sprenkel : Ha New Vegas. So Rocket i dont think ive heard you talk about the energy draw a whole lot, are you going to make a video about your opinion? or have you already done that and i should watch more and or subscribe?
JugHead : This groups is LITERALLY Canada right now
justBinia : Welcome to Glorious New Las Vegas... er I mean the Magistracy of Canopus!




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