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Winston Lee - KADINA Ft. Marlspak (Official Music Video)

Winston Lee - KADINA Ft. Marlspak (Official Music Video)

Written by: Winston Lee
Video: Jordan Dy
Assist: Michelle Dy
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Inspired: "GREGOR" (Poison13)

Studio: Sanlumto records
Beat: Jkm beats

#Winstonlee #KADINA #abantilokal #dragonunit #jkmbeats #bc45 #longlive

Looking for: videographer or video editor?

just message
Jordan Dy

Special thanks:
South Style Clothing Depot
(TGP Oggie Roxas)
DiGGie-TV-ReactS : This song is Deep. Justice is unfair, paborx2 lang. I felt the message bruh. Keepitup
Onseha : maka dumdom nalang ko ani nga kanta isipon ko nalang nga maot na damgo palit ulo ang agawon
Carlo Blanco : D gyud maka lato dol bisag balik² pag Ka daghan gahia gyud nimo master ey❤️❤️❤️
Jess De Vera : Kapa kapa kapa kapa kapaaaaa
prince trinidad : winstonlee my idoll

CS MOVIE: wenton presents norrlandsguld

wenton 2007 norrlandsguld

DL: https://minfil.com/x6l7Edndo7/wenton_presents_norrlandsguld_wmv

Marco Antonio Barrera vs Richie Wenton

Vacant WBO World Super Bantamweight Title, Convention Center, Atlantic City, USA - 31st October 1998
E J : Barrera was a beast
Ralph Enrile : Ngl I underestimated Wenton. For someone who defeated my favourite flyweight Mark Too Sharp Johnson, he really had good movement and boxing. It's a shame he decided to trade with Barrera for no reason. Just felt like he had the boxing skills, but kept trading suddenly for no reason with small power compared to Barrera. He made the body punches Barrera threw much easier by coming in and trading. Sneaky body shots from Barrera
Chris Jonson : Keep these coming Dave never heard of wenton Barrera was real world class might as well put me in there haha miss match really.
Praise Under : Пздц Барерра убийца




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