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DM26 - social media automation

DM26: Crowdfire, Meet Edgar, the Power of Social Media Automation CrowdFire and Meet Edgar\r
This week, we are revisiting a topic discussed in DM4, social media automation. Automating your social media publishing is important for anyone using these channels for marketing purposes, but you can’t lose sight of the key, which is engagement. This week, Michael is going to tell us all about some new tools that can help you level up with your engagement and promotion.\r
The main reason you want to develop strategies for automating your social media posting come down to the magic phrase, maximizing your efficiency? We have all experienced the time loss phenomenon that is Facebook or Twitter. Wait, you haven’t heard of this… Let me explain.\r
You go over to your Twitter app, with the intent of sharing a link, and maybe responding to some mentions. The next thing you know, an hour has passed, and you are late for a conference call. Sound familiar? Yeah… thought as much?\r
One way to avoid this trap, is to automate your posting. But even better than that is having a way to speed up all your interactions on social media. For example, wouldn’t it be great if you were reminded of tweets you should reply to, or if you were given a selection of potential content to share with your followers? Michael explains to me how Crowdfire is doing just that for him.\r
I was excited to hear about how the other new tool Michael has been using works. Meet Edgar has made it much easier for Michael to schedule a month’s worth of content to be posted to Twitter and Facebook, and even better, automatically reposting past content that still has value. This was a great episode to learn more about social media automation, including the new tools and strategies, and a webinar coming up. connect with us on Twitter, @damashe and @payown?\r
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DM26 | #Jamuary2022 No. 3 | #Noisebox #Lyra8 #ZenDelay #MS70CDR #Ebow

This is about as raw as it gets!

About 7 or 8 months ago I started working on a DIY noise box, and I don't think they ever really get done. You can keep adding all the doodads you like! Then about 2 weeks ago, I finally splurged for a Lyra8! Been wanting one forever!

So, this video is me in experiment mode. Not entirely happy with the results, but I think that's just my inexperience. Through several rehearsals, and playing around, I learned a bunch about both instruments. So, I'm satisfied with that.

I used some compression in post, but be careful with headphones as I know there are a couple of hot spots! I recorded at a low level as an extra precaution.
Szelest : Amazing!
Chicken Catfishing : Very interesting. Good sounds...




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